joint pain

  1. ZeroGravitas

    Joint issues - which supplement change triggered this? (Iodine, Malate, B1, etc)

    Transitory joint discomforts started up for me recently, which I've not had anything like before. First was my right elbow which, after a few days, painfully locked up while I slept with it fully bent, having to carefully ease it straight, then keep it that way. It clicked/clunked a bit more...
  2. R

    Pain in joints, also apparent popping/cracking and possible movement?

    Hi all, I'm not totally sure if this is in the right section of the site, if not then I apologise. Essentially, I've noticed more and more than I am getting pain in my joints. This often seems to be accompanied by a sensation of 'movement', like the joint is somehow moving sideways. The...