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    POLL: Do you tend to sweat a lot from a 20 or 30 minute walk? (Linked to an overactive sympathetic nervous system and Th1 immunosuppression)

    This poll investigates how easily ME/CFS patients sweat after a walk. The answer may relate to a patient's sympathetic nervous system activity, as well as to their immune system competence. This poll is for ME/CFS patients who are able to do 20 or 30 minute walks at a reasonable pace: do you...
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    Extremely ill after 3 months cancer treatment. Bedbound again.

    So I've had an ME diagnosis for at least 15 years. I became full blown chronically ill when I was only a teenager and I can't pinpoint anything that caused this, over the years I just got worse and worse. I ended up bedbound in my early 20's and spent most of my 20's resting, pacing, sleeping...