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  1. MarkRichardson

    How stress exacerbates ME?

    If a patients ME is exacerbated or triggered by psychological stress then does that suggest that there is an immunological challenge or burden at the basis of their pathology? Eg active viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection. Stress suppresses the immune system which would...
  2. MarkRichardson

    Negative IgM means no active infection?

    I’m a bit confused. Does having a negative IgM on a blood test for a virus usually rule out an active viral infection? For instance on my EBV blood test I have positive IgG, negative IgM and positive Lytic antigens (T-Cells). I’ve spoken to four different doctors about this, three of them...
  3. MaxHope

    New Covid drug (Allocetra) rebalances immune reaction caused by infection

    Wondering if this Isreali covid drug would be beneficial to those with ME/CFS. Sounds like it balances the immune issues caused by the infection. Given Prusty's (and others) research on infectious diseases causing ME/CFS symptoms, perhaps it might be worth looking into. I don't know if this...
  4. Sarah94

    Klimas' models of ME/CFS

  5. kisekishiawase

    Thymus extract effect to immune?

    Ive read around about thymus extract but there are different informations. which got me confused. I want to know whats the effect for people with autoimmune? I heard it helps with virus autoimmune but im not sure if it boost the immune instead? Please help share your knowledge/information. Thank...