1. MaxHope

    New Covid drug (Allocetra) rebalances immune reaction caused by infection

    Wondering if this Isreali covid drug would be beneficial to those with ME/CFS. Sounds like it balances the immune issues caused by the infection. Given Prusty's (and others) research on infectious diseases causing ME/CFS symptoms, perhaps it might be worth looking into. I don't know if this...
  2. Sarah94

    Klimas' models of ME/CFS
  3. kisekishiawase

    Thymus extract effect to immune?

    Ive read around about thymus extract but there are different informations. which got me confused. I want to know whats the effect for people with autoimmune? I heard it helps with virus autoimmune but im not sure if it boost the immune instead? Please help share your knowledge/information. Thank...