1. ChookityPop

    Do low total IgM antibody levels affect our ability to fight infections?

    Do These levels look low?
  2. JaimeS

    Poll on Immunoglobulin antibodies - Please respond if you've been tested!

    Just wondering how common it is for us to have documented immunodeficiencies here on PR. If you have had one of these (IgE for example) very HIGH, please select this response and elaborate in a comment. Thank you so much, guys! Please spread this around, inquiring minds want to know. :) Um...
  3. SOC

    Holy crap -- IgM deficiency

    I just got my immunoglobulin subset test results and I'm not happy. IgM: 19.8 (normal range 39.0 - 276.0) IgA: 125.0 (normal range 85.0 - 543.0) IgG: 738.0 (normal range 650.0 - 1650.0) Superficially, this looks like Selective IgM Deficiency (SIgMD) -- low IgM in the context of normal IgA...