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  1. nerd

    β-sitosterol reduces anxiety and synergizes with established anxiolytic drugs in mice

    Highlights In silico screen identifies β-sitosterol as a candidate anxiolytic drug β-sitosterol is anxiolytic in both naive and chronically stressed mice β-sitosterol alters the expression of immediate early genes Sub-efficacious doses of β-sitosterol and fluoxetine synergize when combined...
  2. sometexan84

    Fluoxetine (Prozac) as Enterovirus B Replication Inhibitor

    Have you guys seen this? I can't find much talk about it recently in the forum. Fluoxetine blocks the replication of enterovirus B, so coxsackie B and echovirus. This article from 2019 talks about exactly how it works. July 15, 2019 - Fluoxetine Inhibits Enterovirus Replication by Targeting...