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coxsackie b

  1. MEsucks

    I need help interpreting a Cytokine Response Profile test! High IL-17A and IL-18, low Th1 and Th2!

    I just got the result from my Cytokine Response Profile test and to me the results seem very strange, I would very much appreciate it if anyone could help me interpret it. I believe my CFS is caused by a chronic coxsackievirus B infection, and the only treatment that has ever had a significant...
  2. Hip

    Coxsackievirus B vaccine protects against CVB-induced type I diabetes in a mouse model

    Newly published research has demonstrated that a coxsackievirus B1 (CVB1) vaccine can protect against CVB1-induced type 1 diabetes in a mouse model: Paper: A Coxsackievirus B vaccine protects against virus-induced diabetes in an experimental mouse model of type 1 diabetes Article: Enterovirus...