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    Fast or fast-ish brain fog busters - what's working for you?

    Hi all. As my username suggests, brain fog has been my least favorite symptom and that says alot It's the one that makes me question my capacity to hold down a job, and at times, the state of my intelligence, feeling like the mentally degrading protagonist in "Flowers for Algernon". I'm a very...
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    Medscape: Gray Matter Imaging Reveals MS Changes Missed on Standard MRI 2019

    by Nancy Melville
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    How to objectify brain fog / cognitive dysfunction?

    I was always wondering, if brain fog / cognitive issues are part of my issue. I mean, it seems so, somehow. When I take a look on the ICC and CCC criteria, I match nearly every cognitive problem mentioned there. Its definitely a much milder form of cognitive problems than others have. At least...