1. SWAlexander

    Aussie breakthrough on the long Covid condition that leaves sufferers with symptoms similar to 'traumatic brain injury'

    Australian researchers have brought the world a step closer to curing brain fog Researchers have proven there is a physical reason for the nebulous condition Trials can now begin for treatments for the condition after pin-pointing a toxin The findings show 'brain fog' could take a huge toll on...
  2. Whit

    Flame Retardant and other chemical free pillows, beds, furniture - let's make a list of sources!

    I don't see it discussed in the ME/CFS community much, but there is a law in California that requires huge amounts of flame retardant chemicals to be added to most furniture items around your house including your pillows, couches, carpet, curtains, etc. Since it is a law in California...
  3. daveu

    Request for feedback: My starter list of ways for people to avoid toxic chemicals

    I recently finished reading Count Down by Shanna H. Swan & Stacey Colino (2020) which is about how toxic chemicals including endocrine disrupting chemicals are damaging our health including our sexual health. I am brand-new to this subject and I was shocked by how much harm we are doing to...