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cerebrospinal fluid

  1. SWAlexander

    Landmark Study Confirms Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is 'Unambiguously Biological'

    This is the article ME/CFS patients need to print out and leave at some doctor's desks. Excerpt: The ME/CFS group showed no signs of muscle fatigue, and performed normally on cognitive tests, despite reporting greater cognitive symptoms. And yet the immune and gut microbiome changes clearly...
  2. SWAlexander

    NIH Intramural ME/CFS Study Q&A

    The manuscript on ME/CFS published in Nature Communications provides irrefutable evidence for the biological nature of the disease. Evidence shows that it is a multi-systemic disease. Major findings in support of this are: evidence of persistent immune activation in the blood and cerebrospinal...
  3. C

    Cerebrospinal fluid offers clues to post-COVID 'brain fog'

    In a small study with 32 adults, comprising 22 with cognitive symptoms and 10 control participants without, researchers from UC San Francisco and Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, analyzed the cerebrospinal fluid of 17 of the participants who consented to lumbar puncture. All participants had...
  4. Thebirdman333

    A short survery of those who have had a lumbar puncture/spinal tap done

    Getting one done soon and I with very severe MECFS am worried about possible leak and needing a blood patch but most importantly worried about a permanently lowering of the baseline I have atm or experiencing permanent side effects. This is a short 30 second poll. PLEASE ONLY FILL OUT IF YOU...
  5. Pyrrhus

    Informatics Inference of Exercise-Induced Modulation of Brain Pathways Based on Cerebrospinal Fluid Micro-RNAs in ME/CFS (Narayan et al. 2020)

    Here's a recent study that looked at microRNA's in the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), before and after an exercise challenge, from James Baraniuk's team: Informatics Inference of Exercise-Induced Modulation of Brain Pathways Based on Cerebrospinal Fluid Micro-RNAs in ME/CFS (Narayan et al. 2020)...
  6. leokitten

    A systematic review of neurological impairments in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome using neuroimaging techniques

    This is a pretty well done and thorough review paper, makes for a good reference to find papers you might've read long ago on particular neuroimaging studies of ME. While most, if not all, the neuroimaging studies in ME had fairly small sample sizes (due to abysmal ME funding!) and most used...
  7. M

    Utility of testing cerebrospinal fluid for pathogens, etc?

    Is there any use in getting a spinal tap to have spinal fluid tested to help determine root cause of illness. I have heard/read of different labs being able to test for things like Lyme, MS, glucose, protein, cell count, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, all in spinal fluid. I have still be...