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central nervous system

  1. Y

    Which drugs for the central nervous system

    Which drugs to repair the Central Nervous System ? Thank you
  2. Thebirdman333

    Horrific Gut Anxiety Feeling?

    So I had an allergic reaction back in February and then had this awful, god awful, feeling. It was not PEM, but what essentially was happening was I would almost get these like adrenal rushes from my stomach. And it would cause me to feel super hyper, like I would be talking super fast and...
  3. Thebirdman333

    Why you should be scared of Enteroviruses... (Full list of all diseases associated with EV)

    Over the past few months I have compiled a list of all Enterovirus associated diseases. Some of these are broad (as in other diseases / viruses can cause them), some are speculation, but a majority are confirmed to be associated or semi-associated (i.e. multiple possible pathologies). I also...