1. Thebirdman333

    Why you should be scared of Enteroviruses... (Full list of all diseases associated with EV)

    Over the past few months I have compiled a list of all Enterovirus associated diseases. Some of these are broad (as in other diseases / viruses can cause them), some are speculation, but a majority are confirmed to be associated or semi-associated (i.e. multiple possible pathologies). I also...
  2. C

    Relevance of CellTrend results for treatment

    As most of you will already know, CellTrend offers a test panel for various autoantibodies, including autoantibodies against the adrenergic receptors, and autoantibodies against the muscarinic cholinergic receptors. This is important, as various studies have shown the presence of high levels...
  3. acarey92

    Ordering CellTrend Labs in Northeast US

    Hi all, I am trying to order cell trend labs! See here https://www.celltrend.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Anforderungsschein-neu-engl.pdf. Does anyone know a doctor or a private lab I could use in the northeast where I could order these tests. Unfortunately I've had no luck with public labs...
  4. nsdn

    CellTrend and LDN

    Hi. I just want to know if I should stop taking LDN before doing the CellTrend antibody test. I plan to do the extraction in 3 weeks. Thank you. @Gingergrrl @Hip