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  1. BrightCandle

    ME/CFS Metabolomic Study Points to a Potential Cause of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    Another write up by Cort on Healthrising. And for those playing with supplements the consequence of these low organelles is Suggesting taking Carnitine, PCs and Choline may be beneficial...
  2. M

    Autonomic Neuropathy - What form of carnitine works better?

    Not sure if this is called peripheral or autonomic neuropathy, but my issue is that standing or sitting for an extended period of time has been resulting in burning feet, which takes a while to recover. What form have you found that works better? I assume that either propionyl-l-carnitine...
  3. mitoMAN

    Self-Experiment: AAS, rHGH, L-Carnitine Injections, T3, mitochondrial Cocktail.

    Self-Experiment: AAS, rHGH, L-Carnitine Injections, T3, mitochondrial Cocktail. Dear fellow users, e. I have been suffering from CFS for 16 years now, with being 18-20 hours bedbound daily the last 12 months. * I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO APPLY ANY OF THIS INFORMATION TO YOURSELF * My Experiments...
  4. bertiedog

    Insomnia with low dose Carnitine

    I was wondering whether others have had sleep issues with L Lcarnitine, even at low dose. I usually take 250 mg with breakfast around 8 - 9 am and it definitely helps give me energy along with Cordyceps, Astragalus and the active B vitamins (but don't take MB12 and folate cos they give me...