1. P

    NAD+ Injection Pharmacy Suggestions

    I currently live in Canada about 1 hours 30 minutes from Buffalo and 3 Hours from Detroit. I used to live in US. I got a prescription for NAD+ Injection from my doctor in US. Its not accepted obviously in Canada. So I got in touch with a functional medicine doctor who can prescribe NAD+. They...
  2. M

    Patients in Ontario/Canada - Can doctors refuse to accept referrals?

    Hello, I have a question for those patients that have to deal with the Ontario Health System. I have POTS, and my GP agreed to refer me to a cardiologist that specializes in that condition. He practices in a Hamilton hospital, but I do not live there. To my surprise, my request was denied by...
  3. T

    Prevalence of CFS in Canada. Table 2 Canadians reporting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or multiple chemical sensitivities, by sex, household population aged 12 and older
  4. Snow Leopard

    (2007) Prevalence estimates of CFS, FM, MCS from the Canadian Community Health Survey

    I didn't know about this study until now, but this is a paper from the Statistics Canada Health reports publication: This is part of the results of the 2003 Canadian Community Health survey, which had 135,573...