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blood test

  1. RyeRyeBread

    Blood Tests to Rule Stuff Out - Should I be looking for anything?

    My new Rheumatologist ordered a bunch of bloodwork to rule other things out. These are the tests. Smart science side of PR Forums - Anything here, ME-wise, that might light up like a christmas tree? Or are these pretty much completely unrelated to any ME abnormalities? Thanks in advance 😊...
  2. Boba

    Help with Test Results

    Hi folks, I got some results from my immunologist and would like to ask you to help interpret them. It looks like my TNFa is very high supporting the theory of inflammation in my body. I had Covid 8months ago. Thanks!! Edit: I developed PEM and heavy fatigue after covid, which was in Nov 2020...
  3. B

    Functional vs Traditional Lab Ranges Comparison Chart

    Hello, I couldn't find anything within the forums referencing this and have a very hard time finding anything through the skewed algorithms of google which is often the case. Does anyone have a link or copy of functional vs traditional lab ranges? I had a copy somewhere but misplaced it. I...