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  1. Lolinda

    Increasing mitochondrial energy production using 4 labtests, by Chris Masterjohn - I got out of ME and resolved low ATP

    A PhD's Secret Weapon: The Four Biomarkers Every Expert Should, But Doesn’t, Analyze text version: https://chrismasterjohnphd.substack.com/p/how-to-interpret-ketone-ratios-and Chris Masterjohn presents in this video / article that one needs to measure two ratios: lactate : pyruvate beta...
  2. Hip

    Cognitive FX clinic say neurovascular coupling dysfunction causes ME/CFS; all very interesting, but they end up prescribing CBT and other nonsense!

    The Cognitive FX clinic in Utah has some interesting ideas about the possible cause of long COVID, but disappointingly, their treatment seems to involve the same old discredited cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Cognitive FX was founded in 2014 by Dr Allen and others in order to treat...
  3. BrightCandle

    ME/CFS Metabolomic Study Points to a Potential Cause of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    Another write up by Cort on Healthrising. And for those playing with supplements the consequence of these low organelles is Suggesting taking Carnitine, PCs and Choline may be beneficial...
  4. mitoMAN

    Input: my Immune profile from IMD Berlin

    Received my Immune labwork from IMD Berlin today with some interesting abnormalities and would like to get some of your input. Already talked with my immunolgist and will go into detail below. Quoted the findings that the lab added to each results HAPPY ABOUT ANY INPUT Lactat i. NaF-blood...
  5. P

    Did I find the cause of my ME/CFS + POTS? Combined 3ß-HSD and 21-hydroxylase-deficiency

    Recently, I wrote about the role of EZH2 in ME/CFS and POTS. A study by Monash University states that there is an upregulation of EZH2 in POTS syndrome.https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/role-of-ezh2-in-me-cfs-and-pots.80229/#post- 2276535 Now to what is new: The study says that not only...