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air hunger

  1. Woof!

    Smile if you have air hunger, POTS or a similar issue!

    Hi all! For every time you longed for a non-drug, no-side-effects, zero-cost way to take back a little more of your life and not pitch forward when you try to stand and not feel starved for life-sustaining oxygen... try smiling. No, I'm not crazy - this really works, and it has significantly...
  2. frozenborderline

    Getting an accurate Pulse Oximeter

    I need accurate pulse oximeter for a few reasons. One being I am recovering from pneumonia outpatient. Two being I'm on. Big doses of pain medications, and sedatives , which combined can certainly lead to hypoxia. I used to have one that had an alarm if pulse or oxygen went too low or high...
  3. W

    Why We Sigh

    During certain phases of my ME, I notice that I sigh a lot. I did wonder why, so a bit of googling turned up a PopSci article: https://www.popsci.com/sigh-reason-study/ "That stretch is critical to keep lungs working properly. "When alveoli collapse, they compromise the ability of the lung to...
  4. D

    Treatment for shortness of breath (air hunger)?

    I’ve suffered from shortness of breath for nine months. Probably the worst symptom I deal with. I’m asthmatic but my asthma was worse as a kid. It’s almost nonexistent now. What I experience now is different. I don’t wheeze. I just don’t feel like I’m inhaling oxygen most of the day. But my...
  5. Tammie

    air hunger/shortness of breath

    have had this symptom for awhile, but lately it is getting much worse - almost feels like I am trying to breathe carbon monoxide instead of oxygen anyway, just wondering if anyone has any good ways of dealing with this.....I have tried laying down and relaxing, and I have an air purifier in...