1. T

    Is sulfur an issue for me? DNA results?

    Hello I was wondering if someone can interpret these results for me. I'm not sure how complete this is as I inserted my 23andme raw data into Nutrahacker, a free raw data reader. I'm trying to find out if I'm sulfur sensitive. A naturopath gave me a sulfur substance called glutathione that...
  2. TinaYesen

    Could 23andMe Survey garner attention for greater ME research?: "Pain, Fatigue and Cognition Survey"

    I know I've seen mixed research as to how much of ME may be genetically predisposed, but being as I know there are families where multiple generations are affected, I think it's worth pursuing. I also think it's worth pursuing as these genetic repository companies have such a wealth of...
  3. Hip

    New study finds vast majority of diseases have only a very small genetic contribution of 5% to 10% at most (so much for 23andme testing)

    A new large meta-analysis has shown that for the vast majority of diseases, genes only play a very minor role in determining whether you get the disease or not. For the majority diseases, this study found the genetic contribution to disease development is only 5% to 10% at most. Professor David...