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zinc reactions-zinc cream instead??

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by, Mar 20, 2013.


    hi all, i know from searching many others have bad reactions to a lot of supplements that we need, zinc as an example, so i was searching and found something on a autism thread about zinc cream, anyone used zinc cream? to bypass the stomach and i assume nausea etc

    im curious as to wether this "low and slow" approach ever works ,and my leaky gut is SO bad that i just want to find a better way of taking zinc other than in my mouth or stomach, so that leaves transdermal

    but not found any reports of cfs users, just autism

    that is the link, be very interested to see if anyone has tried this ,and also if anyone has been able to take a zinc by mouth by slowly increasing what was at first severe reactions ,i react with cellulose,fillers of all kinds let alone the mineral itself


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