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WTH is going on, crazy itching and twitching

Discussion in 'Peripheral Neuropathy' started by gu3vara, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. gu3vara

    gu3vara Senior Member

    Anyone has an idea of what's going on with me? Over the last week I started twitching all over more than I ever did in the past, I have flares coming that are simply ridiculous, my eyelids, my heart, my leg, my hands etc... twitch at the same time, plus I feel an intense itch sensation all over at the same time. My heart rhythm is off at times but so far no prolonged arrythmias.

    That's simply unbearable, it seems to worsen everyday for god sake :confused:

    What's odd is that I started seeing an healer recently and I was feeling a bit of a lift of symptoms when it hit me like a bus.

    So I'm thinking, are my electrolytes off, perhaps low potassium? Is it die-off? My lymph nodes have been swollen and tender for a while now, like a couple months, so could that be an excess of cytokine?

    I would like to pop a pill to lessen my pain at this point...!

    I'm seeing an infectious disease doc tomorrow but I don't think he knows about CFS, should I ask him for some tests to find out this odd shift in symptoms? what should I ask for?

    Thx all, wish me that it will go away, I'm usually quite resilient with my CFS symptoms, but this sucks more than anything I experienced before.
  2. Hmmmm - all over itching can be an allergy of some sort, like a food or medicine allergy.

    Twitching could be low magnesium. Especially if you're also have restless legs at night when you're trying to sleep. The heart stuff could also be related to this.

    You could try Benadryl assuming you're not allergic to that. Note, it will make you very drowsy, so don't take it right before you have to drive somewhere.

    I once had an allergic reaction to a substance (still not sure what it is), but my doctor called it an agitation reaction. There was a lot of twitching and a very restless sensation involved with that, but not itching. I've had the allover itching thing from nitrates (in cured meats like bacon).

    But lucky you, maybe you are reacting to something and having both twitching and itching. :confused:

    Also, I just remembered, for allergic reactions, my doc recommends taking 1 tsp of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water every so often for as long as you're reacting. It's supposed to help neutralize the reaction.
  3. gu3vara

    gu3vara Senior Member

    Thx for your time!

    I don't know what to think about this, it happened in the past, but usually after exercising way over my limit (i had to walk fast on a threadmill in january and the next day and for a week I felt like that). I didn't exercise recently, I didn't take any pills in the last week and can't say I ate anything different than usual.

    That's why I'm thinking it has to do with high cytokines levels, I know it can cause itching.
  4. OurDayWillCome


  5. richvank

    richvank Senior Member

    Hi, Caledonia and gu3vara.

    I think these are good suggestions. If they don't solve the problems, you might consider Lyme disease and its coinfections as a possibility. Lyme disease can do strange things to the nervous system.

    Best regards,

  6. gu3vara

    gu3vara Senior Member

    Thx for the suggestion, I tested for Lyme using the WB test few months ago and was negative. I don't know if it's reliable enough if it's been many years though.

    I changed the dose of thyroid hormones 3 weeks ago, could it be the body adjusting to the new dose.

    I will try baking soda and magnesium, see if it helps
  7. SaraM

    SaraM Senior Member

    Isn't baking soda abrasive and harming stomach lining?
  8. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Was the healer you went to an energy worker of some kind eg reiki or another form of energy healing?? if so .. i have something to say on why you may be itching (and i'll explain it to you further in a pm, you may have some issues).

    If it was an energy healer. ..try getting yourself in a warm bath with 1kg salt and 250 grams of bicarb soda.. and soak there for at least 20 mins. (You may find that makes the itchiness temporary much worst eg feel like its drawing something to the surface of your body or it may lessen it)

    please get back to me if it was an energy worker.
  9. It's baking soda well dissolved in water. Shouldn't be any abrasiveness. The only caution is if you have high blood pressure and can't do a lot of sodium.
  10. Mya Symons

    Mya Symons Mya Symons

    I always start twitching more right before I come down with some other illness, such as the flu. It doesn't explaing the itching, though.

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