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Wrongly Sectioned (Non-M.E. cases)

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by golden, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. golden

    golden Senior Member

    I thought this interesting topic is worth covering.


    ' But a psychiatrist had suggested they go to hospital to check the duke's medication.

    The Dowager Duchess of Hamilton said she was led to believe this would just be for a few days but after she filled in an admissions form she was told her husband had actually been sectioned for 28 days.

    "He was really upset," she said.

    "I could hear him calling for me: 'Kay', 'Kay'.

    "I said, 'It's alright pet. You're here voluntarily, you can come home if you want to'.

    "Then a voice behind said, 'No he can't. He's been sectioned for 28 days and he may not get out then'."

    When the Duchess returned the next day she noticed the duke's speech was slurred and he was suddenly having difficulty walking, due to anti-psychotics she believes were unnecessarily prescribed.

    A few days later, when she had to leave for the evening, she looked back to see him trying to escape from a first floor window.

    "He rushed out into my arms saying, 'home!' and then they had to pull him away from me.

    "I thought, if this can happen to the Duke of Hamilton, what chance has Joe Bloggs got?"

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