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Workers Compensation

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by kahlan, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. kahlan


    Question if i may,
    Update: i am at the Court of Appeals and am still pro se. i am asking again if anyone has any input on how to formulate a reargument. i have all the documentation, the briefs and supports yet i am not being heard. The determination in the lower courts were based on the diseases being of a mental health nature and not medically based. Please i am desperate, tired, frustrated, depressed and lost! :sad::worried::confused::confused::confused::thumbsup:

    Has anyone filed for workers compensation in regard to ME/CFS or FM? i am at the appeals level of the State i live in and am my own legal counsel as the law firm i had in the lower courts did not extend themselves as it would be an effort, would cost them money and didn't want to be involved with a losing case as they put it. i realize there are cases in NC, i believe NJ and CA as well as Canada that have set a precedent yet i am fighting the myth of the diseases being based on a mental health not medical/organic basis. In addition i am fighting against a large not-for-profit agency that has manipulated record, perjured under oath, and attempted to degrade and debase my character and integrity throughout the now 7 year battle.

    Any help or suggestions? i have not been functioning well so i am literally cramming to get the data completed and sent by this Wednesday...yikes Thank You :hug:

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