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Which Organic Acids Test for me?

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by picante, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. picante

    picante Senior Member

    Helena, MT USA
    I'm needing some input on OAT tests -- My ND is wanting me to get one. He has dealt with Genova Diagnostics, but is willing to get an account with Great Plains if that is the test I want.

    The Great Plains OAT (Nutritional & Metabolic Profile) has 76 analytes on it.
    The Genova OAT has 40-some. That seems like a big difference.

    I suspect I have particular problems, such as a block in homocysteine-to-methionine conversion, and multiple Krebs cycle blockages.

    I'm sure I have high ammonia (long-term), especially when eating meat. Also high glutamate levels. I've developed histamine reactions, and from my particular chemical intolerances, I suspect high acetaldehyde.

    There is also something going on with the Bs: I'm needing lots of potassium, even when I don't take MeB12/AdB12. And lots of thiamine, since potassium depletes it. I'm barely tolerating 10-15 mg of B2 (R-5-P). And having trouble balancing niacin and the B12s/mefolate.

    The analyte lists are Greek to me. Can you fine OAT-educated people steer me a bit?

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