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Which brand of multi minerals???

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Quirky, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Quirky


    Which multi minerals without vitamins are you using?

    I have symptoms of deficiencies. Not sure which ones though.
    Would prefer a brand containing trace minerals too.

    I tried several brands, including Solgar's Solamines Multiminerals.
    It was not effective for me, suspect it could bioavailability.

    Looking for possibly liquid, which is more absorbable.

  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I dont take multi-vitamins due to following

    A complete mix of things contains both synchronistic things as well as agonistic things (things which dont work well together), all together.

    Also mineral body balances are very important.. often one will be low on something but ok with the other things it should be in balance with...and providing a multi mineral.. just allows the same imbalance to continue.

    Also much of the time when deficient with something (this issue is probably more common in ME) ..we can often need more of some things then the amount of it in the bottle.

    I have very high copper showing on hair tests.. so I wouldnt want to be taking anything with that in it.

    Lastly.. more likely to get a bad reaction from something which has a large mix of different things leaving one completely not knowing what thing one has reacted to.

    eg I reacted to magnesium.. either the kind (or it could of been the brand of magnesium?) but are fine with Thompsons organic brand which is mostly Magnesium of the Amino Acid Chelate variety.

    One complete mix of things a CFS specialist once put me on was Pharmafood's brand of Isowhey Complete (its used at times in hospital settings as a liquid food with everything in it). Thing is I had to stop it after a couple of weeks as I went completely bowel intollerant to it (and ended up having to wear nappies to which those werent even holding what that supplement did to me).

    Best to work out what things are missing from your diet based on what you cant eat or based on tests.

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