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Where to start with 23andme results?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by bel01, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. bel01


    I've run my results through Genetic Genie, but I'm still not really sure where to start. Do I start with the red one (+/+) or are the yellow ones (+/-) just as important.

    Here are my results:-
    MAO A R297R rs6323 TT +/+
    BHMT-08 rs651852 TT +/+

    COMT V158M rs4680 AG +/-
    COMT H62H rs4633 CT +/-
    VDR Bsm rs1544410 CT +/-
    VDR Taq rs731236 AG +/-
    MTHFR C677T rs1801133 AG +/-
    MTR A2756G rs1805087 AG +/-
    MTRR A66G rs1801394 AG +/-
    MTRR A664A rs1802059 AG +/-

    And my detox ones
    CYP1B1 L432V rs1056836 GG +/+
    SOD2 A16V rs4880 GG +/+
    NAT2 R197Q rs1799930 AA +/+

    CYP1B1 N453S rs1800440 CT +/-
    CYP1B1 R48G rs10012 CG +/-
    CYP2A6*2 1799T>A rs1801272 AT +/-
    CYP2D6 S486T rs1135840 CG +/-
    CYP2D6 100C>T rs1065852 AG +/-

    Any help in understanding where to start, and how to get my methylation & detox cycles working better would be appreciated.

    Blood test wise, I'm pretty good. Except B12 and Vit D. I've started a Vit B supplement which has all the active forms as well as 2000IU of Vit D per day.
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    did geneticgenie also give you a treatment recommendation thing for your methylation results? (its under the results). I got info on my issues eg how to treat re diet, supplements..under my results.
  3. bel01


    Yes, genetic genie did give some info. But it was just describing what the various mutations do, not which one is critical to start on or supplements that may help. The info is just specific to one mutation, rather than looking at the whole picture.

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