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Welcome to an experience beyond accommodation!

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Firestormm, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Firestormm


    Cornwall England
    Welcome to an experience beyond accommodation!

    ME London opening July 2012 is a cutting edge, luxury hotel designed by Foster and Partners founded by Sir Norman Foster .

    Steeped in history, the hotel is on the site of the former Gaitey Theatre, Strand Music Hall and Marconi house, where the BBC set their first office and first broadcasted music, one of the key attributes of this experienced-based personality hotel.

    Located right in the heart of the action, close to the River Thames, Theatres, shopping, bars, restaurants and nightlife on the southern tip of Covent Garden, between the Strand and Fleet Street in the original global capital of culture and cool.

    ME London also features commanding views of the city's landmarks including the River Thames, London Eye and St Pauls Cathedral.

    157 individually design led bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows, including 16 suites and the luxurious ME Suite are available, as well as two exceptional dining experiences and a destination led Rooftop bar with panoramic views of Central London.

    499 sqm meeting space for between 10-300 delegates are also available in 6 flexible meeting rooms and one large function space, with the latest technology, vehicle access from car park to meeting space for car launches is also provided.

    ME by Melia, contemporary resorts and urban hotels, a line of experienced-based personality hotels are aimed at the traveller with a progressive sensibility.

    Through design, music, cuisine and art, ME engages the intellect, emotions, senses and desires of each guest. ME brings you fully into the moment and delivers the thrill of the unexpected.

    It inspires you, It transforms you.

    ME. It Becomes You.

    http://www.thehandbook.com/venues/ME London From the MEA's Facebook page

    Methinks a gentle word with their PR company!! :D
  2. Wally

    Wally Senior Member

    Perhaps we could start a fund to pay for lodging for a night, so that ME patients could stay at the hotel filling up all the rooms as part as part of a ME Advocacy Demonstration. Of course the hotel would hate the idea, but it is about time that patients who find themselves often bedbound get an opportunity to bring attention to this illness from beds in "luxury accommodations". It could be a retro type demonstration akin to a "bed-in" from the early seventies!! :D :In bed: :D
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