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Water - what is new? Pollack

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by student, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. student

    student Senior Member

    Some 'water layers' (= EZ. see below) with its H3.O2 formation - were sientifically proven for some years. - So much of this has only reacently been studied. Says G.Pollack a water Specialist:

    Water is much needed - I (student) am a slim guy. and drink more. with 60 kg - 2.6 liters (40 ml / kg) is good for me. Or green jucing (energy - plus water) is mentioned... plus some help, what my infrared sauna might repair. (Can this grow more healthy EZ-water ...)
    Light / (or Saunas infrared light) - helps build this structured EZ-water layers. (Coconut - might build them) Grounding ('earthing') can help - to build more EZ.
    h3o2 (this honeycom form of - H2.0- OH) is the wanted structuring form of these EZ water layers....
    can mitochondria 9.15 min - have wrong forms of there bending and lack EZ.water / (SEE the much more simple stucture of this red blood cell. With less EZwater that might have an effect on its bending of proteinstructur - as seen in a drawing 8.10 min).
    I watched these Youtubes... : p9UC0chfXcg, i-T7tCMUDXU, -OLFwkfPxCg
    In this context it may make sense to conclude: Seek the sun. More infraread light - we (can) get.... best progress. :) your' s s t u d e n t

    * E Z '=exclution zone' water is much wanted. (It builds up on surfaces. That can grow towards a 100 molecules strong layer. In 10 ┬Ám thikness, like a hair.)
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  2. student

    student Senior Member

    I just watched this - and it cindeled my intrest.. SEE on YT

  3. Deltrus

    Deltrus Senior Member

    I'm convinced water has a LOT to do with CFS and this thread is surely a reminder for me to set my homemade near-infrared sauna back up.

    Maybe we have a toxin in us that impairs EZ water which impairs detoxification. Perhaps we have a virus that imapirs EZ which then impairs the immune system. Perhaps we have oxidative stress which impairs EZ which impairs antioxidants. In all these cases, IR sauna is the answer.

    I was thinking EZ water looked a lot like graphene, aka carbon nanosheets, it would be amazing if EZ water is a conductor just like graphene and is the hidden electrical wiring of our body.

    Joe from selfhacked had good results from a combination of sauna and PEMF.

    Please note though, you can overuse sauna. You don't even have to sweat from it. Just do 20 minutes of it or something like that. I overused sauna one week and had very bad stuff happen, felt fine for a day and then had very bad health problems from detox and heat overexposure.

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