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Viruses and Thyroiditis: an Update

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by *GG*, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH

    Rachel Desailloud and Didier Hober
    Virology Journal 2009, 6:5doi:10.1186/1743-422X-6-5

    Viral infections are frequently cited as a major environmental factor involved in subacute thyroiditis and autoimmune thyroid diseases. This review examines the data related to the role of viruses in the development of thyroiditis.

    Our research has been focused on human data. We have reviewed virological data for each type of thyroiditis at different levels of evidence; epidemiological data, serological data or research on circulating viruses, direct evidence of thyroid tissue infection. Interpretation of epidemiological and serological data must be cautious as they don't prove that this pathogen is responsible for the disease. However, direct evidence of the presence of viruses or their components in the organ are available for retroviruses (HFV) and mumps in subacute thyroiditis, for retroviruses (HTLV-1, HFV, HIV and SV40) in Graves's disease and for HTLV-1, enterovirus, rubella, mumps virus, HSV, EBV and parvovirus in Hashimoto's thyroiditis. However, it remains to determine whether they are responsible for thyroid diseases or whether they are just innocent bystanders. Further studies are needed to clarify the relationship between viruses and thyroid diseases, in order to develop new strategies for prevention and/or treatment.

    Read the full article at Virology Journal.
  2. How about between viruses/retroviruses and thyroid cancer? My mom had both CFS, thyroid illness and later thyroid cancer.

    I have CFS and Hashi's.

    Anyway - very interesting, and thanks for posting.
  3. JillBohr

    JillBohr Senior Member

    Columbus, OH

    I was just reading up on the IOM report on SV40 virus and it appears that people rec'd this contaminated polio vaccine btwn the years 1955-1963.

    I wonder why it is called simian virus 40? Were there 39 other simian viruses before that? I had no idea that vaccines were contaminated like this. This particular virus causes some cancers including lymphomas.
  4. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Senior Member

    S.V. 40 polio contaminated vaccines

    Hello JillBohr,

    I was just about to post a question about the contaminated polio vaccine (a lot of diseases have been spread through contaminated vaccines in the last two hundred years ) and I see you have already done so. Yes, I've been wondering whether S.V.40 had anything to do with our lurgy. I've been googling for info. I gather it is a monkey retrovirus associated with rare cancers and lymphoma and, in a study on A.I.D.S, I read that it is associated with neurological and immune problems. Getting close!

    One hundred million Americans were exposed to the contaminated vaccine and it has recently been found in people far too young to have received it. It is transmitted in the same way as HIV.

    Perhaps some of the scientifically-minded folks on the forum could follow it up? :)
  5. cfs since 1998

    cfs since 1998

    My mom had thyroid cancer. I am the only person in my family with CFS. No other immune diseases or anything else in my family. It's certainly interesting...
  6. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Senior Member

    M.E. and thyroid cancer

    A rare event I know, but my memory was triggered by the posts about thyroid cancer. Somewhere .....:eek: (that memory again) I read recently that PWC have a 6000% increased risk of thyroid cancer. :eek: I have no idea how this figure was arrived at, but if I find the report again, I'll post it.
  7. joyscobby

    joyscobby Senior Member


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