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Very interesting sulfate question

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by musicchick581, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. musicchick581

    musicchick581 Senior Member

    I am posting for a friend of mine who got his 23 and me test results back and has high urine sulfates (>1600)
    Check this out. Everything is -/- except:
    MAO A R297 (+)
    COMT (but all other COMT's are fine)
    FUT 2 (all three of them)
    MTHFD1 G1958A

    ACE Del 16
    AGT M235T/C4072T
    BHMT (but BHMT 2 and 8 are fine)
    BHMT R239Q
    MTHFR 699
    GAD 1 (just one of them)
    GIF (TCN3)
    MTRR A66G
    MTRR K350A
    MTRR-11 A664A
    MTRR (two of them)
    NOS2 (three of them)
    PEMT (two of them)
    TCN2 C766G
    VDR Bsm
    VDR Taq

    He only tested sulfates once, but what on earth could be causing this? CBS and BHMT don't seem to be an issue, and we aren't sure what plain BHMT is since there are no numbers after it, except the rs number.
  2. tdog333

    tdog333 Senior Member

    Phenol Sulfur Transferase (PST) enzyme problems

    There's probably inflamation of the kidneys and liver leading to sulfate dumping. This can be due to heavy metals, viruses, etc...
    Combine sulfate dumping with improper sulfur oxidization(which is responsible for producing sulfate) due to PST problems and you have trouble!

    Have him read that link i posted. Then have him try making epsom salt paste and applying it to his skin for 30 minutes every day, or he can do an epsom salt foot bath, or regular bath. Applying it directly to the skin as a paste works best for me but can be a hassle sometimes.

    He needs to avoid sulfur and supplement with sulfate(aka the magnesium epsom salts)
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