International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Is On May 12, 2018
Thomas Hennessy, Jr., selected May 12th to be our international awareness day back in 1992. He knew that May 12th had also been the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the English army nurse who helped to found the Red Cross as well as the first school of nursing in the world.
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  1. heapsreal

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    australia (brisbane)
    will valcyte get any cheaper for us?, once xmrv is further studied, hopefully all the good drugs will be cheaper??
  2. cfs since 1998

    cfs since 1998

    Probably not until the patent expires. Valcyte's patent expires in 2015, at least in the United States, although an Indian company is making a generic form already at about half price. The patent on Valtrex expired this year. AZT (the HIV drug) is expired already.

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