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valcyte vs. nexavir

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by lerae, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. lerae


    Hi everyone-

    This question may be redudant, as I have not read through all the thread....a little under the weather, to say the least. :( And I am on a time constraint to switch insurances for either using these two av's.

    But, excited for the new protocol. so here are some questions i hope someone can answer.
    1.) I realize nexavir is used more for high EBV and valcyte is used more for HHV-6 titers. but i jst read an article saying that
    they are getting such good responses from valcyte that they are not using nexavir as much. Is this true or shld nexavir be the drup of choice
    for high EBV titers? (which I have)

    2.) I keep hearing that people are herxing (so sorry) on them...which, after going thru my lyme protocol and feeling 1% alive, I am not very afraid.
    I heard this with valcyte more. Is valcyte as expenssive as nexavir? I just got nexavir approved...barely. To go along with the GCMAF.
    (I wish I could order it from New Zeland). could you tell the difference between herxing and inflammation? Did anyone have to go off under MD instructions
    because of the side effects. ( i know a few).

    3.) Any remission stories about length and time, would be so great.


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