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Vaccination Ingredients - A Taboo Subject?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by golden, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. golden

    golden Senior Member

    I know we have a Vaccination and M.E. thread which I am still doing research on.

    But I was just about to respond in another thread about Vaccinations, and in order to get across the point I wanted to make, I would have to list Vaccination Ingredients.

    Now here is where I paused and became slightly uncomfortable.

    This made me think when I have been researching Vaccinations, the ingredients are nowhere to be found on the NHS website.

    Freedom of information requests are having to be made to access this information.

    Websites offering say for example single vaccines and who openly list all their ingredients are being told by the powers that want to be to remove this information from their website.

    The horse meat scandal was big news as people rightly demand to know what they are putting into their bodies .

    Sainsburys have just withdrawn peanuts from their shelves because they are incorrectly labelled i.e. they forgot to write on the label - may contain peanuts (ha ha - they were monkey nuts)

    So why are vaccination ingredients taboo?
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  2. Snow Leopard

    Snow Leopard Hibernating

    South Australia
    Because those particular authorities think they know better than to trust us with the information?
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  3. golden

    golden Senior Member

    'Trust' is a loaded word in this context.

    Can the state Doctor 'trust' me, the patient, to have this information and draw the 'right' conclusions from it and do what the Doctor tells me to do.

    No. Is my answer here. I will do my own research and make my own decisions.

    In fact at present, State Doctors are saying there is no need for compulsory vaccinations because people are making the decisions we are telling them to.

    However there is a legal obligation on medics to provide something called:

    Informed Consent. A legal term.

    Consent is generally given but in my opinion it is not informed.

    In this instance how can one be legally informed if the ingredients list is hidden?

    It could also be taboo because the ingredients could be considered shocking?

    I was shocked and I consider myself fairly hardy.
  4. HowToEscape?

    HowToEscape? Senior Member

    AFAIK the ingredient list for vaccines used in the US are freely available. I'd imagine the vaccines elsewhere are similar.
  5. IreneF

    IreneF Senior Member

    San Francisco
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