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Unique Probiotics for chronic inflammation

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Lipac, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Lipac

    Lipac Senior Member

    Two years ago I ran across research articles and videos of amazing reversals of MS and similar illnesses with fecal transplants.

    This isn't done routinely in the US and they postulated taking a specific Probiotic would have the same results. I read it was " due to Unique stains of probiotics".

    What those stains are wasnt listed.
    I still cannot narrow down what exactly they are.

    Had Anyone Found This Info?

    I've taken Probiotics since before I was ill.

    I've added 150 billion a day with about 10 additional strains not found in common 30-50 billion probiotics.
    Plus L. Reuteri separately.
    And B. Infantis, 2 strains.

    It helps my stools some but no change in muscle weakness or inflammation.

    Any info on what was reversing the MS so dramatically?
    ( Mine acts just like MS, right down to the heat intolerance, but MRIs don't show lesions)

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