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Ulster:Alternative medicine GP suspended.

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Abha, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Abha

    Abha Abha

    Dr Finbar Magee was interviewed on Radio Ulster just after 7am(7.10?)this morning re his suspension.
    Dr Finbar Magee who works in Synergy, an integrative health centre in Belfast, and also spends one day a week in the Irish Centre of Integrated Medicine (ICIM) in Johnstown, Co Kildare. He firmly believes that most modern diseases have multiple causes and, therefore, should have a multi-pronged treatment approach.Dr Magee treats ME/CFS patients and other types of patients too.I have copied some of his past remarks from the web.(see below)

    A doctor behind an alternative medicine centre who has been suspended by the General Medical Council says he has always acted "through conscience".

    Asked why he thought he had been suspended from practising as a GP, Dr Magee said he believed the GMC had "listened to a combination of information, obtained mainly from the health board".

    "Whenever I went back to do GP locums, I thought I'd integrate back into routine medicine to some degree and bring some of those ideas," he told the BBC.

    "The health board needed to know what other work I was doing. I gave them the information quite freely, and I think they tried to make out that I was taking advantage of vulnerable people for financial gain.

    "The health board tried to make out that the treatments I've been doing have no scientific validation, which is completely untrue."
  2. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards "Gibberish"

    Judging by the BBC report from 15th May I think we should all be very thankful that Dr Magee has been suspended. He prescribed MMS for a child of three, it seems. He talks of treating out of 'conscience'. This is the talk of somebody who is dangerously foolish, as I see it. The clinic he works at appears not to have been implicated but I think one has to worry how they employed someone with this approach.
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  3. gregh286

    gregh286 Senior Member

    Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
    I was a patient of finbars last year.
    I knew he was under pressure from medical board...lasted years.
    Must say ive had much more exploratory type treatment at hale than finbar practiced.
    He did have lots of warnings and investigations about ethics.
  4. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

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