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UK Government petition website - all petitions

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by Bob, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Here are all the current government petitions relating to ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and lyme disease, that I can find, along with some other related and relevant petitions.

    The way these petitions work is that when a petition attracts 100,000 signatures, parliament has to 'consider' debating it.

    This does not mean that it will be debated, or voted on, but just that they have to 'consider' debating it.

    (Note: Unfortunately, only UK residents/citizens can sign these petitions.)

    The Government to apologise for its treatment of ME / CFS patients

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 877
    Created by: joel langton
    Closing: 24/10/2012

    Following recent medical findings that prove ME/CFS is a physiological illness affecting the immune system, causing severe symptoms for patients, the Norwegian government has publically apologised for their treatment and neglect of this patient group: Sign this petition if you want the UK government to follow Norway's example, and make a public apology to ME/CFS patients in the UK, and to ensure that changes are made to better support and fund research for this debilitating illness.

    Funding of Biomedical Research into CFS/ME

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 1,165
    Created by: Robert Courtney
    Closing: 04/02/2012

    An independent committee of experts and patient representatives should be set up to oversee government funding for biomedical research into CFS/ME, and the amount of yearly government funding allocated to biomedical research into CFS/ME should be similar to other similar diseases such as MS, AIDS, Cancer and Parkinson's.

    Make public all documents relating to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 606
    Created by: Dr John H Greensmith
    Closing: 23/02/2012

    We the undersigned request that all information relating to M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), including correspondence with the medical profession (Ref: BN 141/1), held in the National Archives, Kew, UK, as a closed document and not available for public access, after 78 years, until 2072, is made freely available. It is believed that such revelation may yield clues to a better understanding of a physical cause or underlying disease process of a discrete neurological illness, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, unjustifiably bundled within the collective diagnosis CFS or taken to be synonymous with it This might, in turn, lead to effective treatment and hopefully a cure or significant recovery for this dreadfully debilitating illness, which affects millions of people worldwide.

    DWP to recognise fibromyalgia as a real disability

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 1,850
    Created by: rachel Patterson
    Closing: 16/02/2012

    It's time the DWP recognised Fibromyalgia (FM) as a genuine disability. The impact this chronic condition has on the sufferer's life is enormous and for too long we have had to suffer in silence as a forgotten minority. The DWP does not yet acknowledge this as one of their 'listed' conditions for the application for DLA, and their medical test does not allow for the many debilitating symptoms of this severe condition. . FM reduces a person's ability to function physically and cognitively and as a consequence work life suffers to the point where sufferers lose their jobs and are unable to support themselves or their families. The government must now take action to help FM sufferers by getting the DWP to recognise this condition and adapting their assessment methods accordingly so those affected by FM can live with dignity and receive the support that is currently lacking

    Fibromyalgia to be recognised by law as an illness

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 122
    Created by: scott speirs
    Closing: 29/09/2012

    I would like everyone with fibromyalgia to sign this e petition to get this illness recognised by law by the government at present it is classed as a syndrome

    To recognize Fibromyalgia as a real disease when approving benefits

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 160
    Created by: Nerys Elizabeth Davies
    Closing: 14/11/2012

    It appears that a lot of people with Fibromyalgia are finding it difficult getting the benefits that they need and the help they need. Hopefully when there is enough support we would like the government to accept Fibromyalgia as a real disease when applying for benefits like DLA and the new ESA. I hope that in the future we will not have to go through degrading tribunals which are supposed to be independent and have to recognize that what they are doing at the moment is making disabled people feel alone and confused.

    Improve testing and treatment for lyme disease

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 96
    Created by: Kirsty Cathrine
    Closing: 10/08/2012

    Lyme disease is a tick-bourne infection, which can cause long-term illness. Current NHS testing and treatment regimes are often inappropriate for chronic lyme disease sufferers, and many patients have to undergo expensive private treatment. We call on the government to: - Increase GP awareness of lyme disease, including chronic forms - Encourage doctors to follow guidance for the symptomatic diagnosis of lyme disease - Provide funding to find new methods of testing for lyme disease - Support the use of long-term antibiotics (one month+) when required for chronic cases

    Government need to warn of health risk of Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures:16
    Created by: Natalie Ireland
    Closing: 21/10/2012

    The Health Department DO NOT warn of the dangers of the Hepatitis B Vaccine and the health risks it has, especially for people with immune disorders. Department of Health needs to WARN PATIENTS of these risks. This is not being done, In fact, patients, like myself are being told there are no major side effects at all when advised to have this vaccine. Many Low paid health workers are being advised to have this Vaccine or face losing their job. The Hep B Vaccine is proven to cause debilitating Immune disorders like M.E- CFS - M.S - Hashimotos - Lupus etc and the government are still not addressing or warning patients of these dangerous and life changing side effects. I have a letter from the Health Department acknowledging this side affect yet they still do not warn against the dangers or offer help or compensation to the victims of this vaccine. Please please sign this petiton, this Vaccine is affecting thousands of hard working families.

    recognise post polio syndrome

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 20
    Created by: robert wilson
    Closing: 16/02/2012

    i want the government to recognise those who suffer with post polio syndrome and have a beneift fit for those and stop telling the world polio has been eradicated in the uk when this is clearly untrue

    Scrap the one year time limit on claiming ESA. People with long term chronic illess (including ME/CFS) will suffer financial hardship and stress

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 61
    Created by: Jennifer Elliott
    Closing: 23/09/2012

    This government must scrap the plan to take away ESA after only one year. Each person's livelyhood is already severely restricted, and this potoentially could effect their pension rights in later life. The unpredicable nature of long term chronic fluctuating conditions such as ME/CFS amongst many others can only be exacerbated by the continuing stress of financial hardship. We also ask for a comprehensive overhaul of the Welfare Benefit medical assessment process, paying heed to the vast number of complaints already in your posession.

    Chronic Pain as a discriptor for ESA

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 13
    Created by: Ann Daines
    Closing: 26/08/2012

    People suffering proven chronic pain would find it difficult to work on many levels. Pain, lack of sleep, aggression, tiredness due to pain killers, mobility. This group should be put in the support group when being evaluated for ESA.

    Stop using Atos and private profit driven companies to assess the disability and health of benefit claimants.

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    Number of signatures: 569
    Created by: Stuart Innes
    Closing: 08/08/2012

    For the chronically sick and disabled, the current system of assessment is inadequate and makes many peoples conditions worse and causes undue stress and upset. I, as a person with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, would ask the government to stop using Atos, who are driven by profit. This obviously creates a conflict of interest. To once again rely on specialist evidence from doctors and consultants as opposed to tick box evidence from non specialist privately employed individuals.

    Stop the use of 'Emotional Abuse' and 'MSBP' in family courts as a loophole for the state to take your children away.

    Responsible department: Department for Education

    Number of signatures: 15
    Created by: Anonymous
    Closing: 24/08/2012

    Every year thousands of children are taken from their parents, largely on the say-so of experts'. It is a secret and sometimes unjust process and the system must change. The most common and easiest way to take children are based on 'EMOTIONAL ABUSE' and 'MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY (MSBP) which is being overly abused in family courts to take children away from their parents whilst so many cases prove that the parents are in-fact innocent. The system needs to change and abolish these loopholes, to stop destroying innocent family lives, and have a fairer family justice system in place.

    GPs and Hospitals should be better supported to be able to diagnose people more quickly.

    Responsible department: Department of Health

    Number of signatures: 1,346
    Created by: Helen North
    Closing: 09/11/2012

    We are asking the Government to invest in the diagnostic tools across all diseases to ensure that we, the public, do not suffer undue pain and are diagnosed early enough to make a real difference to the quality of our lives. There should be greater education of healthcare professionals to develop a better awareness of the range of possible causes of the symptoms particularly of the common chronic conditions. Early detection and diagnosis of disease aims to prevent unnecessary pain, suffering and in some cases permanent disability or death by ensuring effective treatment and intervention. Delays in diagnosis can lead to an increase in the cost of treatments and a decrease in patients contribution to society. Therefore early diagnosis makes better economic and social sense. We therefore urge the Government to ensure that necessary diagnostic tools and improved education to enable early diagnosis in all disease areas is at the forefront of NHS care.
  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Thanks. Good idea.
  3. Nielk


    Hi Bob,

    Great job putting these together.
    I noticed that they are all UK petitions.
    I guess it makes sense since you live in the UK.
    I wonder if we have similar petitions here in the US.
    I remember Dreambirdie working on one for the NIH to apologise for their mistreatment of ME/CFS patients. Are there any other ones?

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