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UK charity-giving websites - charges comparison

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Bob, May 25, 2013.

  1. Bob


    England (south coast)
    I've just been comparing the charges that UK charity-giving websites make.

    All of the charity-giving websites charge the charity for each donation.
    For Everyclick it's 4.8% per donation, and for Just Giving it's just above 5% per donation, plus Just Giving charges each charity £15 per month for an account.

    BT has a website, called MyDonate, which charges the cheapest rates that I can find, but it requires donors to register an account, which I think would put people off donating.

    The second cheapest website doesn't require a donor to register an account, and charges only fractionally more than BT, with very low fees...

    It's called Charity Choice:

    These are the only fees that they charge:

    Charity Choice do not benefit in any way from the fees taken from donations.
    The charges applied are to cover the credit/debit card fess and bank charges.
    Card fees are 15p for Debit Cards, 1.45% for Personal Credit Card and 1.9% for Commercial Credit Cards.
    The banking charge made by WorldPay is 10p per transaction.

    So it's a total of 25p for each debit card donation, and a total of 1.45% (or 1.9%) plus 10p for each credit card donation.

    Here's where it explains their fees, which I've quoted above:

    They are very transparent about their fees, and the fees are listed when people make a donation, and donors have the choice to pay the fees themselves, along with their donation. Money Saving Expert says that most donors choose to pay the fees themselves. (Transparency is a good thing, but I hope it wouldn't put people off donating when they see the fees listed.)

    Donors can donate via Debit or Credit card.

    Anyway, I thought that people might be interested. Perhaps we should spread the word to UK charities who use Just Giving or Everyclick, so that they are aware of the choices?

    This is what Money Saving Expert says about them (click on the red 'plus' sign to the right of the name):
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  2. Bob


    England (south coast)
    New information...

    'PayPal Giving Fund' might be unique in not charging any fees.

    It seems that since Jan 2013, PayPal Giving Fund (formerly Mission Fish) is completely free to charities with no fees taken whatsoever, as far as I understand:

    So, for a £10 donation, the charity will receive £10 or £12.50 with gift aid.

    MoneySavingExpert says:
    "Uniquely, it charges no fees or commission, so a £10 sale means that £12.50 is donated to the charity."

    Note that the 'PayPal Giving Fund' is not the same as making a donation through, for example, 'Just Giving' using the PayPal payment option.

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