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Trivedi Effect

Discussion in 'Active Clinical Studies' started by Cort, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    (added - I received a request to post this. I have been informed it is a form of 'spiritual healing'. It's obviously not for most people. Posting this or any other study does not signify myself or PR is endorsing it or any type of therapy; it's simply in keeping with PR's commitment to provide whatever opportunities are present to whomever in this large and very varied community wants to take advantage of them. )

    ME-CFS Study Seeks Participants in the greater Bay Area

    We will be testing a completely non-invasive, proprietary technology. Over 1000 research studies with this technology have proven its effectiveness in helping plants, animals, and humans recover from diseases of viral, fungal, and bacterial origin as well as from endocrine and neurological disorders. This will be the first study with ME-CFS patients.

    Participants will be expected to
    *meet all eligibility requirements (intake questionnaire to be e-mailed)
    *attend a meeting on the afternoon of October 13, 2010, from 2-5 pm, at the Santa Cruz Chi Center
    *fill out symptom questionnaires at specified intervals

    There is no cost to participate in this study.

    For more information about the Trivedi Effect and the work of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, go to this link:
  2. chitra


    Interesting but its too soon to say if they are cured or just have a temporary respite and is therefore not proof of a cure. If they are still OK twenty years on then I would be less cynical.

    We diabetics often hear that there is a cure and it usually turns out to be false hope. Also, if I understand the work correctly, it involved people with Type 1 diabetes who have stopped producing insulin. It won't help the majority who are type 2. As many countries do not permit work with stem cells because of the way they are produced, it may never be a cure for all type 1s.

    Mind you, it would be nice if it turned out to be an enduring cure with no side effects, limitations and no ethical problems!
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