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Treadmill and Angio Procedure in ME/CFs patients.

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Abha, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Abha

    Abha Abha

    Around 2000 I had my first treadmill test in KSA and it advised an angio procedure.Then for a number of reasons that wasn't done.In 2003 when working for an other employer(Navy) I had another treadmill test and once again it advised an angio procedure.As my contract was almost over I had given up hope of having an angio carried out.Fortunately a kind local doctor whom I saw said as I was working for the Government(in Navy section)that I should have that done under my employer's stewardship.

    He took me back to the heart surgeon(had trained in Germany?) and in a nice way demanded that it be done.The heart surgeon knew my case and although he couldn't explain the treadmill test(etc)that showed I required such a procedure,he believed I didn't need the procedure but he said I could have it done right away.I asked about dying in such a procedure and he explained that the risk was minimal.I had to inform folk in the Uk and I had the procedure done on the next day.

    My heart was fine and the doctors(4) who were present answered all my questions to my satisfaction.I was allowed home that evening with the assurance that my heart was ok.The heart surgeon had been correct in his previous assessment that I didn't require the test but, he couldn't explain why the treadmill result showed that I required the angio procedure. Another heart specialist here(NI) also couldn't explain that either He also said that my heart(2010?) was fine after his tests.He also said that there was no point in putting me through more stress and didn't bother with the treadmill test..Perhaps the treadmill tests are showing my mitochondrial dysfunction(Howard Mc Laren Acumen Lab Tests)....

    Has anyone else had a similar experience or is mine unique?I would like to hear about your experience of such tests and about what they are showing.

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