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To those who've tried lysine

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by knackers323, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    Did it give you sore glands or any other side effects?

    I do not have a known herpes virus but the glands in my neck get sore from lysine.

    Not sure if it's a side effect or killing of a virus

    Lysine apparently increases viral load in HIV so it may be possible it does so with other virus also

    Not sure how it increases viral load in hiv
  2. Runner5

    Runner5 Senior Member

    I don't think I have a virus of any sort but have taken Lysine. I had no effects one way or the other from it that I know of. It didn't seem to affect me so I quit taking it. I've had swollen painful lymph nodes for a long while though, under my chin and back of my head, but the doctor said it was, "stress." Because being a middle-class housewife is so much worse than my old job in IT (sarcasm alert). ;-P haha

    I was always having to take Amino Acids so now I just use protein shakes, Whey in particular. I'm a little bit on a high side of allergic to milk, but I fall apart without the extra protein. So now am going to try out Goat Whey and hope that it will give me the amino oomph without GI problems. (I've tried pea protein-based shakes and within about 3 days I'm sick - gave it more than one go because I don't mind them and wanted them to work but they just don't for me.)
  3. ljimbo423

    ljimbo423 Senior Member

    United States, New Hampshire
    I've been taking 2-3 grams a day for months without side effects. I take it for it's anti-cell danger response(CDR) properties. This is a quote from Robert Naviaux-
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  4. BadBadBear

    BadBadBear Senior Member

    Rocky Mountains
    I take 3 grams daily, it does not cause swollen glands for me. I tend toward high arginine, and canker sores. Lysine keeps things balanced.
  5. overtheedge

    overtheedge Senior Member

    I took some lysine a while back to see if it would affect the chronic active EBV I have, never had any reaction to it good or bad, no swollen glands
  6. pamojja

    pamojja Senior Member

    Started 6 g/d of l-lysine as part of comprehensive Orthomolecular Pauling therapy 9 years ago against PAD. It main debilitating symptom of intermittent claudication immediately improved. Haven't mentioned any other side-effects.

    Joined PhoenixRising last year only. And because many here complain about swollen lymph nodes I realized I had none left, while as an early adult had them everywhere, especially below my chaw. Now can't recognize when they had gone..
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  7. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member

    New Mexico
    It's not uncommon for a person to have detox symptoms while starting L-lysine. I am going by another group that I belong to. I had cold sore breakouts when I first started it. Detox symptoms faded after awhile. I started with low dose and worked up. Presently taking 6gms.
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