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Things that reduce my symptoms and some tests

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Sinclair, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Sinclair

    Sinclair Senior Member

    As many of fellow members of this community, I started to make my list of things that seem to reduce my symptoms, some are obvious but there are others that seem very weird (but I understand nothing is weird with this illness).....for some of them I am sharing test results in search for an explanation....I hope my list motivates to share yours and I'd appreciate any comments on my list.


    I have lived for 27 years near the beach in cold towns. Now for 11 years I have been living in a big city, crowded and polluted and about 500 MASL with marked seasons, very warmed in springer-summer.

    Every time I go to the beach or back to home town, I feel the urgent need of breathing deeply. And after a while I feel some improvement in my general condition.

    More oxygene or less bio-toxicity of the big city, I am not totally clear. Two observations might be interesting here: the last time I was able to get out from a 3 months crash, I spend a week and a few days more in the beach, sleeping 14-15 hours daily. The other remark is that my mother (even more than me) has always been sensitive to odors and air pollution.

    I Have not experimented with oxygen therapies beyond that (I am curious whether any of them would be of significant contribution and expect to try soon), and plan to make a blood test to check oxygen in arteries.

    I understand there is something called 'location effect' as well, but I don't understand quite well the science behind this concept.

    LEMONADE use to

    This one is interesting to me. My ME/CFS case had a progressive worsening onset during 3 years in which I had no idea of the cause of my symptoms (particularly after an actual Thyroid Cancer and following treatment were discarded as an explanation).

    Well, I have read here and there that something happens with this illness after three years with it. For me, beyond the significant worsening of my symptoms (now part-time job but mostly housebound, previously full time job), another difference is that lemonade intake, which use to help with pain and other symptoms is seems to be of less help now, just helping with thirst and mouth dryness.

    This takes me to this theory of the three years milestone in the journey....I have not read anything more elaborated on this, but just anecdotal stories. It would be great to hear more experiences on this.


    Yes. Contrary to health people, I feel a bit more energy when a small quantity of blood is drawn for blood testing.

    I understand hemachromatosis could be an explanation. a thread on this, here:

    I recall I tested negative for this a year ago.

    But maybe overcharge of other metals in blood as well as slow detox processes could provide an explanation.

    I wish someone could share experiences here and likely areas of inquiry.
    My last blood test show a reduction in VHS, an increase in platellets, a reduction in eosynophils leucocytes, (all modertes) and liver function shows a moderate increase in ALT and slightly out of range AST/ALT ratio.


    Along with urination and defecation, it seems to liberate my body from toxins/pathogens.
    It relieves pain and helps with insomnia.

    Maybe another more sound explanation is that these processes increase blood flow (normally diminished) to these organs in charge of releasing subproducts. In my case I suspect these are evidence of some problems with digestion and kidney functions.

    My last urine test (July) is + for Leucocytes, Cetones, Bacteria and Mucus. Bacteria were also present in March, little blood in the urine was found a year before.

    My creatinine is ok, within range, but GFR is only >60 and was >90 last December.
    My HbA1C is touching the pre-diabetes range.


    I have tried to follow a low-carb, non-carb diet as suggested by many sources, but it has been very hard. It was likely my mistake to start straight trying zero carb. Reducing carbs progressively has been more manageable for me. But at certain point I said to me, what if I have mal absorption and what if the bad absorbed food is fat.... Then I decided to stop improvising without testing my gut functio first, something I plan to do pretty soon.

    I am a thin guy.
    Within the first three years, when I followed an almost normal life, with symptoms, I remember some hungry attacks, that were relieved with fat or carb (unprocessed) intake. I no longer have these attacks and 'real food' intake today seems to provide only a modest improvement in my energy levels, followed by a reduction in energy levels during digestion.


    As many of you, I experience different symptoms at different times of the day and along days.
    The other reduction mechanisms currently in 'my list' are the classics: water intake, horizontal rest, sea Salt intake, (I had good results with amitriptiline but I prefiered and was able to quit until I have solved my gut issues).

    List should be updated from time to time.
    On the other hand, on the column of symptoms exacerbation, I listed: physical and cognitive overexertion, speaking for long periods (relative), TNFa elevators, emotional stress, standing up too fast....and the last I added: banana.

    Thanks for sharing your views!
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  2. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    You might want to break this up so it easier to read for most!

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