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"the puzzle of chronic fatigue syndrome" - wsj.

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by quanked, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. quanked


    The article in the WSJ (part of it copied and pasted below) provides further validation to CFS/ME sufferers as a group as having a high rate of infection with XMRV or related viruses.

    The study may not rate as a replication study but it is certainly more research on XMRV. I found the article on Prohealth, listed by Prohealth. I have been curious as to why no discussion of this study has been taking place.

    "...When the new discovery was published in Science in 2009, Dr. Bell went to work getting the word out, notifying as many patients from the original outbreak as possible.

    At the same time, Maureen Hanson, a molecular biologist at Cornell University, also saw the Science paper. Dr. Hanson, who has a family member with chronic fatigue syndrome who had been diagnosed by Dr. Bell, asked him about working together on a retrovirus study. She wanted to test for the family of murine leukemia virus-related viruses, or MLVs, to which XMRV also belongs.

    Dr. Bell sought out his old patients to test them. Although the numbers tested were small, the preliminary results made him take notice: 70% of them came back positive for XMRV-related viruses. "

    There is a video as well as an article.
  2. toddm1960

    toddm1960 Senior Member

    Rochester, New York
    Does anyone know the process Dr Hanson at Cornell used? Did he work with Judy at all?

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