The 12th Invest in ME Conference, Part 1
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The Power and Pitfalls of Omics: George Davey Smith’s storming talk at ME/CFS conference

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Simon, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Robert 1973

    Robert 1973

    Reading this, it is very hard to understand why Davey Smith chose to sign the 2012 letter to the Independent praising Simon Wessley's "pioneering research" in the field on ME/CFS:

    It is also hard to believe that Davey Smith could have any confidence in those who were involved with and support PACE and FITNET-NHS. He does not appear to be the sort of person who holds back from speaking his mind, so it would be very interesting to hear his views on the validity, integrity and value of those studies.

    My big concern is the numbers. If ME/CFS includes people suffering from a number of different diseases, and it requires 10,000 samples to produce statistically significant results for one disease, how can we be confident that 10,000 samples taken from 10,000 people diagnosed with ME/CFS (using what seems likely to be very lose criteria) will be statistically significant? If people who are severely affected and do not get better have a different disease, how many samples would need to be collected from them in order to make the data useful? I'm sure Davey Smith must be aware of these issues but my concern is that he admits to having no knowledge of ME/CFS and he is being advised by "experts" in whom patients have no confidence. If Davey Smith and some of the other scientists from MEGA could team up with respected ME/CFS clinicians with track records of rejecting the BPS model and supporting biomedical research, they would have my wholehearted support and gratitude.
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  2. Jo Best

    Jo Best Senior Member

    Hi @Robert 1973 that's another coincidence that you've just quoted that as I was just this moment reading the new MEGA website, and found this a bit curious, as there seem to be some very long term goals there, making it all the more important they spend the money on ME/CFS and not wide-ranging fatigue. I agree with you any new researchers seeking patient support for funding need to declare that they understand the points you make.
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