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Testing after healing?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by chilove, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. chilove

    chilove Senior Member

    Does anyone think one can test to make sure we are actually healed from Lyme or do you just go by lack of symptoms? I'm pretty damn near cured I think and I'm wondering if there are any accurate tests to detect current infection vs. past exposure
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  2. duncan

    duncan Senior Member

    I do not believe any such test is presently on the market.

    Supposedly C6 Peptide test levels would demonstrate the retreat of Lyme as a patient is cured, but some infected with Lyme keep generating elevated C6 levels even after recommended therapy. A reason for this - that seems not to be considered seriously by many in mainstream Lyme - might be that the C6 stays elevated in some because the disease is still present, i.e., the C6 actually works when it is sensitive enough to pick up a strain. But good luck getting anyone to admit to this. (There is also a problem in that many Lyme advocates believe the C6 misses too many strains anyway)

    Whatever the reason, those elevated values are usually dismissed as insignificant by the Old Guard.

    So, no, I fear there are no tests that show definitively that the infection has been eradicated.

    But as Lyme is technically a clinical diagnosis anyway, the fact that your symptoms seem to be on the run is a very good thing.

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