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Temperature / heart rate / lymph nodes

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Belgiangirl, May 15, 2017.

  1. Belgiangirl


    I've always been seen by my GPs (due to movement it were several) as a hypochondriac. Something I cant accuse them for because none of our symptoms are visible, while they are numerous and might continue evolve disabling us a lot...

    One of the symptoms that always distratcs them is this:

    I always do have a slight fever. Temp is around 37°C
    (apparently considered to be a fever).

    When I was younger (in my 20ies) my body temperature always was very low: around 34°C. It was contributed to my low body weight.

    For the heart rate, it is opposite. If they'll measure my pulse or cardiac output they'll become shocked:
    my heart rate might be around 40-50. I don't have a good condition obviously.
    When I was younger too, it was always racing (80+ in rest).

    My lymph nodes in my throats have always been swollen, as since I was 16 and first mentioned the symptoms to a GP. Doctors even got me full body scanned to rule out malignancies for this several years ago. Happily I was clear so they stuck it too probably inflammation. They never took a part of it to check.

    Does anyone els have this symptoms?

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