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Symptoms of High Comt activity and C677t hetera?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by dominover, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. dominover


    What would be the symptoms of someone with High Comt activity and C677t hetera?
    I realize high compt leads to lower levels of dopamine.. But how do I have higher comt when the
    methylation cycle does not work properly due to the C677t gene mutation?

    Could someone explain this?. I may be misunderstanding something here.
  2. alicec

    alicec Senior Member

    Why do you think you have high COMT activity?

    MTHFR C677T +/- slightly slows production of methylfolate by the MTHFR enzyme, which is easily compensated for by ensuring adequate intake of folate.

    In circumstances of high folate demand, eg during pregnancy, the presence of the SNP, especially in +/+ form, can increase risk of problems of neural tube defects but this can be overcome by folate supplementation.

    About 42% of the global population are MTHFR C677T +/- and they are not all suffering from defective methylation cycles.
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  3. dominover


    I don't.. I'm just trying to figure things out.

    What I do have is a hetera C677T MTHFR gene mutation and I suspect slow COMT but I haven't got COMT tested yet.

    Terrible under stress and a lifetime of brain fog.
    I also have symptoms of high estrogen but a recent test confirmed that Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone are all very low. However, Estroget / Testosterone ratio are optimal.. Of course they are optimal, I'm grown fat almost primarily on my chest.

    If I am overmethylating (MTHFR: too much dopamine, seratonin etc) and have slow comt, I would have symptoms of anxiety and depression, bran-fog etc.

    Maybe my whopping weight gain and impossibility of lowing it comes from low levels of histamine (histapenia) though I haven't had that tested yet but will.

    I asked the question above because I'm trying to establish the link between MTHFR, COMT and weight gain.. All I have found on the web is sweeping statements about how slow COMT doesn't metabolize estrogen efficiently.. So wouldn't I then be estrogen dominant.. My test results say otherwise but I'm still getting fat and can't lose it. Half of it seems to go to and stay on my chest.
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