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Surviving Christmas Decorations

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by Viking, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Viking


    Ahh the Holidays.. time for cheap plastic offgassing trees, and perfumed candles to be spread around the house.

    Much as I love the Christmas season, there must be a better way to enjoy it and not be poisoned if you are chemically sensitive.

    My thoughts...
    Decorate outside to your hearts content.
    Inside, favor ceramic and glass decorations.
    Cheap plastics and fabrics, esp with large surface area, and scented items, are likely the biggest offenders.
    Trees may have been sprayed with pesticides.
    Air items out well ahead of time, for several days or more.

    Please share your ideas and improve my list :)

    Happy Holidays,
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  2. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    I have some electric candles that I put in the windows. They are made of plastic, so may have smelled bad when they were new, but after a couple of decades they are not a problem.

    A second hand shop might be a place to get 'aired out' things.
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