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Sulfuric stools, diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog, faint, cant gain weight, insomnia

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by pistermerfect, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. pistermerfect


    Hello everyone, sorry if this is the wrong section. Ill try give my history and keep it short as possible.

    I'm 23 and steadily I am feeling worse an worse. I initially thought I might have a malabsorption problem (which would explain my symptoms of diarrhea, fatigue, feeling faint and unable to gain weight). I dont think I do. The below have been a problem since I was about 16, maybe younger, but steadily getting worse.

    I've always been skinny but recently trying to gain weight working out. Not working despite eating a 3000+ calorie diet for weeks on end.

    I've always been an insomniac (GABA related??) and that too has gotten worse. I sometimes take zoplicon in very small doses (as not to become dependant). L-theanine, ZMA, valerian root did nothing.

    • Sulphuric / Acidic frequent stools + diarrhea
    I thought I might be allergic to something I am eating so did a blood allergen test (milk was off the charts) and also allergic to peas, eggs. So I eliminated these too. No difference. I have tried various diets, so far nothing has worked. I stopped/switched protien powders from whey (diary) to soy, still had problems.

    The only thing that stops my gastro / poop problems is to simply eat less. (but then I lose even more weight, which I dont want because my BMI is too low and I'm working out to try build muscle atm)

    I then thought I might have excess bile acid (Sulfuric stools, diarrhea, cant gain weight) but tried bile acid sequestrants and nothing changed, so its not that.

    My stools are 50/50 very sulphuric. Like rotton eggs. Sorry if TMI. (

    I almost gave up thinking I might just have IBS but that isnt going to help.

    • Fatigue & brain fog & feeling faint randomly throughout the day

    I have been to doc for a stool and blood test to test for Crohns and Celiacs and a few other things, but everything came back 'normal'. He is a useless peice of shit an incredibly patronising. Not helping.

    I did a private liver test and everything was ok. Except for these:
    CHLORIDE 96 mmol/L normal range: 98 - 107 (VERY LOW)
    BICARBONATE 16 mmol/l normal range: 22 - 29 (VERY LOW)
    UREA 4.5 mmol/L normal range: 1.7 - 8.3 (Normal, but thought I'd include anyway)

    ALBUMIN 53 g/L normal range 34 - 50 (HIGH)

    URIC ACID 228 umol/L normal range: 266 - 474 (Very LOW)

    Supplements never seem to work for me. I am starting to think I have gastro problems that are affecting my body from getting nutrients.

    I also think I may have a ammonia problem possibly ? As evidenced by my bicarb levels above ( I will explain in my next post)

    Sulphur / Sulphates (I will continue in my next post)

    If anyone can make sense of my symptoms and results then I will be extremely grateful.
  2. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    2 things

    well, when I got this damn illness I noted bloating and, well...yes...Cheesy Farts of Doom, ye eye gouging nose blasters, eek! Holy s**t, sometimes they literally left yer eyes nipping.
    Normally only eating lot of eggs/meat, like I did when weight training, caused that, but even back then it was nowhere near as gassy/bad as the M.E. seemed to cause.

    Hm, should M.E. really be called "A.S.S."
    Anal Smaug Syndrome? :sluggish:

    heard of similar issues with other M.E. patients, and one train of thought is the trigger or root of our ills may stem from a gut infection or something upsetting the normal balance of microbes in the gut, leaving microbes who produce more sulphur, which seems reasonable (whether root cause, trigger or just another consequence, who knows).

    and please please forgive me, I know your plight is serious and causing you bloody grief, oh I know!
    I do NOT laugh at the misfortunes of innocent people...but I do find life itself incredibly humorous in a good way ;)
    "Sulfurous Stools"
    Damn! that is a classic! roflmao!!
    Should be used as the name of some death metal band, or some bad guys in game or whatever :p

    Can just imagine it on the radio:
    "And now at number 9 in the charts: Nose Blaster, by The Sulfurous Stools!"
    Can also imagine them in concert, you know how at ZZ Top shows, the audience for a gag put on fake bears and sunglasses?
    With the Sulfurous Stools they'd put on gas masks!

    Sulfur... sulphur... I'm (kind of) old school, still find that change of name pesky :p
    Gawd, feel like some creaky old geezer, lol

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