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Suggestions needed for chronic Bronchitis

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Evangelina, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Evangelina


    Hey all -

    I had to have a chest x-ray yesterday and I have bronchitis (again). Over the past 5 years I have had pneumonia, and bronchitis almost constantly (4 pneumonias and bronchitis about every other month). I have been on every oral, IM and IV antibiotic that my docs can think of. (Everything from Zpak to IV Rocephin for 3 weeks.) I have even had a bronchoscopy.

    My body just can't fight off anything anymore. Cuts don't heal, sinus infections won't clear and I freak out everytime I hear someone sneeze.

    My question is other than ABOs what do I do? I just need to stay mildly healthy(ish) for another month until I start my new protocol, then I don't really care what happens - I just can't let this bronchitis ruin my chances of treatment... Suggestions please!

    Thanks so much :) Evangelina
  2. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    My situation was very much like yours -- multiple pneumonias and chronic bronchitis. While I'm not sure I can recommend this, I will tell you what I did that changed all that.

    I started the Pall Protocol for my ME/CFS -- I wasn't thinking about the bronchitis. Some people on that protocol add extra hydroxocobalamin B-12 and glutathione, so I tried that in the beginning in the nebulized form. After a month or two, I realized that my bronchitis was gone. I certainly wasn't expecting that, but it was a wonderful benefit. I haven't had bronchitis since, and although I had pneumonia with H1N1, it was mild compared with other times I've had it. My asthma was very much improved, too.

    I honestly don't know what cleared up the bronchitis of many years' standing, but I'm guessing it was something in the nebulizer treatment. Maybe it was the hydroxo-B-12, maybe it was the glutathione, or maybe it was just the water vapor. Whatever it was, I went from chronic bronchitis to no bronchitis relatively quickly and haven't had a problem with bronchitis and pneumonia since.

    I've heard the nebulizing B-12 and glutathione is not advised if you have asthma. I don't know what the recommendation is for bronchitis, but you might want to check with your docs if you're thinking of trying it. I had no trouble with it, but that may not be true of other people.
  3. silicon

    silicon Senior Member

    Many years ago, I would get recurrent bronchitis, each time treating it with antibiotics, each time becoming weaker (seemed to do a number on my gut as well). I discovered that acupuncture provided relief, without side effects. Acupuncture no longer helps any of my ME/CFS symptoms, but it does clear up my lungs when necessary. I think that the quality of treatment does vary widely across different acupuncturists though. I hope there is a good one in your area.
  4. Lala

    Lala Senior Member

    This can be caused by chlamydia pneumoniae, which can cause CFS also (see cpnhelp.org)
    Also how about trying NAC? If it does not help, at least it will do no harm.
  5. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    Hi Evangelina, so sorry to hear you going through this. I had a very similar problem for a few years and just could not get rid of the bronchitis, pneumonias and pleurisy, i was terrified to go out or have anyone come round the house for a long time. I dont know what siongle thing worked for me but what i did find out was this:

    1. i saw a medical herbalist who prescribed a tincture for the chest probs and another immune modulating tincture.
    2. i started magnesium -this is know to help asthmatics -i have had asthma all my life.
    3. the constant antibiotics played havoc with my system giving me severe systemic candida. Lung infections can also be a sign of candida involvement. I did a strict candida diet and antifungals for a year. including rotating caprylic acid with high strength garlic.
    4.I gave up dairy - my sinuses also cleared up.
    5. i gave up wheat - even now wheat can make me wheeze withing minutes of eating it.
    6. toxin avaoidance -i have mild MCS all my life and so avoid all hair dyes, perfumes, non eco cleaning materials etc in order to lower my overall load of toxins.
    7. i have a homeopathic remedy that i take at the first signs of a lung twinge which always help immediately plus the herbalists chest mix if i need it.
    8. i also take regularly B12 and Vitmin D and minerals (i am defficent in selenium and manganese, glutathione and COQ10 -although i dont take all of these as i react to some)

    After doing all of this for about 2 years now i havent had a lung infection or a course of antbiotics in over a year. I can mix with people with colds and even had swine flu last winter without even getting a cough - my new thing is my gut -now i get repeated gut infections!
    I dont know if any of this will help you but it has helped me enormously and i understand how soul destroying it is to have lung problems. I remember being so desperately unhappy and miserable but i couldnt even cry because then i wouyld drown in mucous and couldnt breathe -i couldnt allow myself to cry for nearly a year which was truly horrible, had to sleep sitting up for a long time too. I am so relieved now that it is all over. For me the two main things i think where understanding that antibiotics can cause infections and the immune herbs. Also i had lots of steroids and they where also perpetuating the problem by destroying my immune system, i very gradually weaned off the inhaled high dose and stopped the tablet ones and now i use very low dose inhaled steroid and this has also been a great help to my symptoms.
    All the best, Justyxx
  6. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    I would 2nd the Vitamin D, it's supposed to be an immune modulator and how about LDN?

  7. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Have they tested the sputum to see what bacteria comes up eg Staph? (sometimes they try to treat it with antibiotics which are resist hence why finding out what bacteria is in it is a good idea). I got double pneumonia this year and it was staph in my lungs. I was on IV antibiotics for it for 4-5 days

    Make sure your Vitamin D is in the normal range.

    Try taking large doses of Vitamin C and bioflaveniods twice per day (it dont absorb well unless its got bioflaveniods too), take just under your tollerance level eg if you take too much it gives diarrhea. (I can take 6g per day.. 3 in morning and 3 at night). Vit. C dont last long in ones system when you supplement.. hence why its best to take twice per day.

    A good quality Olive leaf extract can be good. This helps kill viruses, bacteria etc
  8. sela

    sela Senior Member

    marin co, ca
    agree on acupuncture. doesn't help cfs , but can help lungs , can help stomach.

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