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Suggestions for specialists in U.K?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Arise, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Arise


    Hello I just wanted suggestions for any specialists that can help with ME/CFS, they don't necessarily have be ME/CFS specialists, but I would consider a good rheumatologist or neurologist.

    I already know of Dr Myhill and have already done the mito test and followed her suggestions. Julia Newton I have heard of but I am unsure if I am able to choose to see who I wish on NHS. Which leaves me with private consultants and of course KDM.

    I was thinking seeing a good rheumatologist to rule out lupus and mast cell disorders. Of course there are so many avenues to choose from but with limited budget and energy, I would best like to channel these to what would be most useful.

    Any suggestions appreciated
  2. tandrsc


    The Countess of Marr asked about the question of choice in parliament, the answer was yes, you can.

    Here's the link:

    Julia Newton is certainly doing interesting things, here's an article from August last year:

    I don't know if she sees patients direct or whether she is attached to an ME/CFS clinic.

    You could try emailing the ME association on to ask them, they might know.
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  3. peggy-sue


    Your gp should be able to get you tested for Lupus.
    It was one of the few things I did manage to get tested for, although it did help that I had a rosacea like rash on my face at the time.
    It is done on the NHS.
    But maybe you should take some dirty sandpaper to your cheeks first - get some spots and flakiness going in order to convince your gp that you need the test done.
    It depends on your gp - if they're the sort that want to refuse you tests ("because they only convince you you really are ill") or not.

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