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struggling with low immunity, started T3 and Inosine

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by pattismith, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    CFS/ME for 35 years...Low immunity for about 15 years.

    Is started this year with a viral rhinitis, then acute viral sinusitis (lasting three weeks in toto)

    The culprit was most probably a syncytial respiratory virus...

    Then I had my thyroid checked and discovered a Low T3 Syndrome

    and my lymphocytes checked showed a Low Lymphocytes T CD8 and a very high CD4/CD8 ratio

    I started T3 supplementation and raised my D vitamine supplementation.

    T3 supplementation gave me an immediat boost, relieving pain, head pressure and fatigue,
    so I over exercised and got imflammed muscles, for which I was forced to take a few days of Prednisolone.
    Just a single 20 mg dose relieved my muscle inflammation, but after a few days (even though I lowered the dose to 5mg/day), I got side effects:

    -Pain in the chest. I took omeprazole which relieved it, so it was likely a stomac or oesophagus ulcer (could be a reactivation of my Helicobacter as I always had reactivation when taking AINS)

    -I didn't take prednisolone yesterday, but this morning I have Sore Throat and painful throat /rhinitis, so it sounds that I had something else reactivated....

    I started Inosine some days ago, but I have no idea no idea what it is doing on my immune system, nor if it is good for low CD8...

    Maybe someone has experienced some low immunity state and can relate some success stories or failure?
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  2. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    What a bad trip...I had to struggle with an adenovirus for a week....:ill:

    The virus visited my nose, my throat, then my stomach, and now he stayed in my lungs...

    Hopefully fever has resolved this morning.

    I have discovered that the syncitial respiratory virus I got for New year eve can induce lymphopenia (CD8 and CD4), so I have some hope that my low CD8 can be a concequence of this virus....

    Let's hope it will resolve by itself...:)

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