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Stealth Adapted Viruses and the ACE Pathway

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by w john martin, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. w john martin

    w john martin

    Dear Members,
    I recently posted a video on YouTube, entitled "Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE)"

    It briefly reviews some of the research on stealth adapted viruses and the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. I hope the video will generate interest and a sense of optimism among those with CFS. There are several Open Access research articles, which provide additional information. Kind regards, John.
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  2. Learner1

    Learner1 Forum Support Assistant

    Pacific Northwest
    Hi John,

    Thank you for posting. Sounds interesting. Would it be possible to post links to the research articles?

    Thank you!
  3. w john martin

    w john martin

    Dear Learner1,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I am pleased to provide links to a selection of earlier and more recent publications. Abstracts only are freely available to some of the earlier listed publications, with a paywall for the full text. The first listed early article is available as a full text.

    Early Publications:

    Martin WJ, Zeng LC, Ahmed K, Roy M. Cytomegalovirus‑related sequences in an atypical cytopathic virus repeatedly isolated from a patient with the chronic fatigue syndrome. American Journal Pathology 145: 441‑452, 1994.

    Martin W.J. Stealth viruses as neuropathogens. CAP Today 8 67‑70, 1994.

    Martin WJ. Stealth virus isolated from an autistic child. J. Autism Developmental Disorders 25: 223‑224,1995.

    Martin WJ, Ahmed KN, Zeng LC, Olsen J‑C, Seward JG, Seehrai JS. African green monkey origin of the atypical cytopathic 'stealth virus' isolated from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. Clinical Diagnostic Virology 4: 93‑103, 1995.

    Martin WJ, Glass RT. Acute encephalopathy induced in cats with a stealth virus isolated from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. Pathobiology 63: 115‑118, 1995.

    Martin WJ. Severe stealth virus encephalopathy following chronic fatigue syndrome‑like illness: Clinical and histopathological features. Pathobiology 64:1‑8, 1996.

    Martin WJ. Stealth viral encephalopathy: Report of a fatal case complicated by cerebral vasculitis. Pathobiology 64:59‑63, 1996.

    Martin WJ. Simian cytomegalovirus‑related stealth virus isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid of a patient with bipolar psychosis and acute encephalopathy. Pathobiology 64:64‑66, 1996.

    Martin WJ (1997) Detection of RNA Sequences in Cultures of a Stealth Virus Isolated from the Cerebrospinal Fluid of a Health Care Worker with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Pathobiology 65: 57-60.

    Martin WJ Anderson D (1999) Stealth Virus Epidemic in the Mohave Valley. Severe vacuolating encephalopathy in a child presenting with a behavioral disorder. Experimental Molecular Pathology 66:19-30.

    More Recent Publications:

    Martin WJ (2014) Stealth Adapted Viruses, Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) & KELEA Activated Water. Author House, Bloomingdale IN, p 321.

    Martin WJ, Stoneburner J (2014) Alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway activation as the mode of action of neutral red dye phototherapy of human viruses. Journal Human Virology & Retrovirology. 1(4):00019.

    Martin WJ (2014) Stealth adaptation of viruses: Review and updated molecular analysis on a stealth adapted African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV). Journal Human Virology & Retrovirology. 1(4):00020.

    Martin WJ (2015) Stealth Adapted Viruses – Possible Drivers of Major Neuropsychiatric Illnesses Including Alzheimer’s Disease. J Neurol Stroke 2(3): 00057.

    Martin WJ (2016) Stealth adapted viruses. A bridge between molecular virology and clinical psychiatry. Open J Psychiatry 5(4): 311-319.

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